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We also support your employees and managers with online services to maintain their energy levels.

Online services

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In order to keep all your employees as vital as possible, creative thinking is of great importance. Therefore, we all need to take good care of ourselves. Flexibility is key, especially now. As Lifeguard, we would like to support you and your employees by digitally offering a variety of existing and new services. Tailor-made services – in Dutch and in English – can be offered to help you maintain the vitality level of your employees at work or working from home.

Examples of digital services for our clients:

AccentureAllen & OveryJeroen Bosch ZiekenhuisKPNPortbaseMinisterie van SZW

Work From Home serie

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working with our experts and clients to create a programme for anybody that wants to optimise performance, energy and wellbeing, while working from home. We help your colleagues with creating (new) habits in sustaining their wellbeing and help them work more effectively from home in a series of 5 interactive webinars.

  1. Energy management: new reality, new routines
  2. Managing stress
  3. Building a positive mindset
  4. Learn to relax like a pro
  5. Keeping focus under pressure

Read more on the Work From Home page

Online training

Over the last couple of days, we’ve been working hard on digitalizing our services portfolio. Most of our existing trainings can now be facilitated online by one or two expert trainers and a support moderator. We use an online video conferencing tool in which we’re able to share presentations and have conversations on the various topics with all participants. The trainings will last for 120 minutes and a maximum of 12 employees can participate. Digital follow up can be shared with the participants – please see under ‘Digital content’.

We offer the following training sessions:

  1. Navigating in the new reality
    Managing your own energy is now more important and urgent than before, but for most of us it hasn’t gotten any easier. In this training we will go back to basics and provide practical models, exercises and insights that will help you learn to navigate in this new reality. Tools to take or keep control of your own energy and to be even more aware of your positive influence on others.
  2. Energy management 1 – Mastering recovery
    By managing energy, we influence important things in our lives: health, performance and happiness. In this training we therefore focus our attention on effectively organizing our activities to recharge our energy. Using models on energy and energy management and the themes of sleep, nutrition, exercise and relaxation.
  3. Energy management 2 – Coping with stress
    Goal of this training is to learn how to better deal with stress. What is stress, how does it work physiologically and neurophysiological? What makes stress functional at times? How can you recognise signals in yourself and in colleagues and what is your own influence on the stress that you experience?
  4. Mental power – Focus and thought control
    How do you keep your brain in shape in times of continuous change and hyper-connectivity? This training offers insights and tools to increase your self-control and mental strength.  All in order to be better able to focus your attention on your vital goals and to effectively deal with distractions. It helps you to break through non-helpful (thought) patterns and build in positive rituals.

  5. Time out – Recap, reflect & reinforce
    For people who want to refresh their knowledge about energy management and need reflection on their own vital behavior in the new reality. The aim of the training is to formulate new actions and to ensure the correct motivation and rituals for the coming months.

‘Live’ digital coaching

Lifeguard offers online 1-to-1 coaching.

The coaching will cover energy- and stressmanagement, in tune with the coachee’s personal circumstances. Topics like individual concerns and fear negatively impact both one’s productivity and immune system and will be included as part of the reflection. Our coaches are able to address specific topics such as physical health, emotional disbalance, mental focus and resilience and relational issues. But also work-related topics can be addressed, like dealing with uncertainty, prioritizing, distance-cooperating with colleagues and managers in this new reality of working away from the office.

Some questions may include:

  • I’m frightened and feel I may panick, how to cope with that?
  • I constantly feel stressful, how can I manage this?
  • What is good nutrition for a healthy life and work?
  • How to productively work from home?
  • How to stay focused when working from home?
  • How can I best combine my work with having my family home too?
  • I feel lonely now that I don’t meet my colleagues, how best to cope?
  • My parents are vulnerable, how can I best take care of them now?

Our coaching sessions will be held in a meeting via an online video conferencing tool. The coachee will be briefed upfront how to make use of the conferencing tool. Our coaches can book a maximum of 8 calls of 45 minutes of 6 calls of 60 minutes per day.

Coaching for managers

Managers play a key role in the amount of stress employees perceive. They also have to deal with their own questions and concerns about these unusual circumstances.  At the same time, they have to make sure the business is run as normal as possible. Managing their own health and vitality, their impact on the team and running the business puts them under a great amount of stress. Lifeguard therefore offers two specific sessions to support your management level:

  • Online training about managing at a distance
    The training ‘Managing at a distance’, for up to 12 executives, consists of two sessions. We start with a work session of 1,5 hour, consisting of theory and practical tips on optimizing their positive impact on the sustainable performance of their employees in this special situation. Managers can discuss with each other and the trainer how to increase their personal impact and ask specific questions about it. After 2 weeks an intervision session of 1 hour follows to reflect on the personal goals together and to discuss specific themes in depth.
  • Coaching by a Lifeguard senior coach
    In 1 on 1 sessions with a Lifeguard senior coach, more in-depth personal matters can be discussed that include issues such as personal health and vitality, team’s vitality and optimizing working away from the office.

‘Live’ digital team coaching

Some teams are used to working remotely. But what if you are forced to work from home? Or if, due to circumstances, team members can no longer meet physically? What is the effect on team energy, and what tips, tools and working arrangements can nonetheless be used to leverage the full potential of the team?
The team coaches of Lifeguard help teams stay connected, mind their recovery and prevent energy leaks, thus facilitating optimal performance under the current circumstances.

Team energy determines business results and is measurable and manageable, even under remote working conditions. The team is provided with tools to get started on this. Lifeguard supports team performance using the following tools:

  • The basic theory of energy management
  • Insight into own team energy with the Net Vitality Score (NVS)
  • Necessary actions to increase team NVS
  • Optimal connection and communication under the current work circumstances

Team coaching is given via online sessions of 120 minutes each, with up to 12 participants.

Online content and questionnaires

Through our portal we offer various online content solutions to support digital vitality processes. Depending on the need, we can offer several services:

  1. Questionnaires:
    With targeted online questionnaires we can actively follow how employees are doing.
  2. Short tracks & Deep dives:
    eVitality content on a specific theme as an active follow-up after an online training or coaching session. This content can also be offered separately. For example, we have a Short track program about working from home and several Deep dive programs about energy management. An content programme varies from 1 to 6 weeks.
  3. Library:
    Looking for inspiring articles, videos and tips, specially selected by experts? In every (digital) vitality programme, employees have access to our online library.
  4. Appvisor:
    Want to quickly find the best apps in the field of vitality? We have collected them in one accessible place (available in every Lifeguard vitality programme)!
  5. Providers Guide:
    All service providers that your employees can turn to for prevention and reintegration in a clear overview? It is possible in our Providers Guide, including useful search functions!

Interested? We would like to tell you more about the possibilities of online content for your organisation.

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