Vitality, the factor that drives performance

We help organizations increasing their vitality, powering sustainable high-performance.

About Lifeguard

We know that vitality drives performance. Organizational vitality makes it possible to tap into the full potential of individuals, teams and leaders; allowing all of them to thrive, powering sustainable high-performance. We are passionately committed to energizing people and the organizations they work for. We inspire, educate, train and coach people to manage their energy more effectively (also online). We furthermore offer consulting solutions and extensive online tooling for measuring vitality & performance related topics and supporting all of our ‘face to face’ or classroom activities.

Managing vitality at four levels

Vitality is about the ability, motivation and energy to be successful. We help organizations develop a culture that drives vitality. We do this on four levels; employees, teams, leaders and organizations. To achieve optimal results we always customize our programs so that they are perfectly aligned with the objectives, goals and strategies of our clients. Our integrated approach leads to maximum impact and significant change that is truly sustainable.

Our Story

Lifeguard was founded in 2002 by Mikkel Hofstee, a former banker, Pepijn van der Meulen and Folef Bredt, both Masters in Human Development. Lifeguard’s vision from day one has been that ‘Vitality helps people to perform better’ and that ‘Vitality is a key driver for organizational performance’. Lifeguard’s mission is to significantly increase the vitality of individuals, teams, leaders and organizations as a whole. Lifeguard focuses on measuring vitality in organizations and translating outcomes to programs to boost vitality. Working together with universities and other knowledge institutes, constantly finding out which strategies are most effective.

Our dream team

Today we combine the expertise of our 80+ consultants, trainers, coaches, engaged professors, and former Olympic champions on topics such as neuro- and behavior science, stress management, psychology and physiology to offer organizations a uniquely integrated way to access untapped human capacity.

Our data

Furthermore we use data that we have collected over the past 15 years, which includes extensive health-, vitality-, behavior, engagement and performance data of over 250.000 employees, offering unique insights to our team of experts and clients to identify how we can establish healthy behavior in organizations. We now work with thousands of individuals and more than a hundred organizations who are primarily based in the Netherlands. Since a few years we follow our clients around the globe to help to increase their vitality and allowing them to solve their biggest human performance challenges.

Our Clients

We work with all kinds of organizations in all major industries. Ranging from consulting, banking, law enforcement, health care and manufacturing to law firms and government. This is a selection of our clients:

  • ING (retail & wholesale bank)
  • FrieslandCampina (food, dairy)
  • Nyenrode Business University
  • EY (professional services)
  • Roland Berger (consulting)
  • Kempen & Co (merchant bank)
  • Macaw (IT)
  • Stibbe (law)
  • Loyens & Loeff (law)
  • Ministries (social affairs, education, health)

Contact us

Reach out to learn more about the unique way we energize people, teams & organisations.

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