Work From Home

A webinar series about energy management to improve the wellbeing of employees who feel ‘working from home fatigue’.

Vitally working from home

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Since the beginning of the pandemic, we have been working with our experts and clients to create a programme for anybody that wants to optimise performance, energy and wellbeing, while working from home. We help your colleagues with creating (new) habits in sustaining their wellbeing and help them work more effectively from home in a series of 5 interactive webinars.

Energy throughout the day

As a result of all the uncertainties and the many changes in our daily life, our mental power and resilience are being put under greater stress than before. We see that the risk of burnout is increasing and that almost everyone has more trouble keeping their energy up throughout the day because we didn’t adapt in a sustainable way.

The result

The programme enables people to better manage their energy. Participants effectively adapt their behavior to the new situation and implement new routines, allowing them to work with more focus and energy. By now, more than 1000 participants has rated the programme with an 8.4 on average.

5 webinars

In the series (1 hour per session) we dive deeper into five topics:

Energy management: new reality, new routines

Goal of this session is to make people reflect and act on their own lifestyle; how sustainable is the way of living under the current circumstances? Certainly people know what to do, but tend to prevail the short term urges over the long term consequences. In this session we let people reflect on their current behavior, their desired behavior, and activate them to tackle the obstacles and trigger the change to build a more sustainable way of living.

Managing stress

Goal of this session is to reflect and act on the current stress balance. We discuss on what stress is, and how does it work physiologically and neuro- physiologically? We increase awareness on signals to recognize chronic stress loading and activate the influence on creating optimal stress balance.

Building a positive mindset

What happens in the brain that makes people start hoarding in times of crises? Why is the ‘reward’ of an alcoholic beverage in the evening counterproductive? These are a few behaviors which can be explained by clarifying the human brain. After this session you will know more about the way your brain functions and you learn a five step approach to keep a positive brain during these remarkable times.

Learn to relax like a pro

During the day many people seem to have trouble taking moments of relaxation and rest. It often seems more rewarding for people to continue working than to take breaks. Sometimes the knowledge and skills are lacking to organize a (functional) recovery moment. But also sometimes we just don’t think about it, because the flow of the day excite us to continue working rather than to stand still and take a break. In this session we reflect and act on both; create more motivation to take breaks, and learn tools to increase effectivity of the breaks itself.

Keeping focus under pressure

The circumstances under which we have to work in current times radically changed, and for many of us it is even a bigger challenge to create or maintain focus. In this session we dive into the theme focus; how we create it, how we recognize distraction, how we train our brain to increase our focus ability to keep our focus under pressure and how we change the environment to decrease the chances of being distracted.

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