WQ audiobooks

Five audiobooks, offered by Lifeguard as a token of appreciation of our long-lasting relationship, that help enhance your wellbeing

Enhance your wellbeing

In this day and age, especially with the covid pandemic, it is crucial to take good care of yourself. We are very pleased tot offer you some in depth knowledge on the basics of good health.

Below you will find five audiobooks that have been offered to us by our health & wellbeing partner Lifeguard, as a token of appreciation of our long-lasting relationship. We hope the content benefits you and helps you to regenerate your batteries during the summer.

Unleash your full potential

Improving the way you Eat, Move, Sleep and Relax has a major impact on how you think, feel and interact with others; your mood, focus, creativity and mindset, they all benefit – instantly. Over time, the tiny and sometimes seemingly insignificant changes in your behavior will lead to functional and structural changes in both your body and your brain, and it is the awesome power of these changes that enhance your wellbeing, and enable you to unleash your full potential.

Eat, Move, Sleep, Relax

Each audio book is divided into two parts. The first part deals in detail with how your wellbeing and performance are affected by your daily behavior, and motivates you to improve your daily routines. The second part provides a list of practical tips and strategies that make it easier to follow through with behavioral change and achieve a healthier work-life harmony.

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Crossing the Gap

Crossing the Gap includes ten proven strategies for successful change. Applying any of them is guaranteed to work, and every time you successfully implement a behavioral change, it will build your confidence, making it easier to implement new behaviors in all spheres of your life. That is the power of mastering change!

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About the Author

Folef Bredt is Co-founder of, and Innovation Director at Lifeguard. Together with his team he has gained extensive experience in coaching and training individuals and teams at over a hundred organisations. He has a background in stress-management and is specialized in corporate Wellbeing. He lives with his partner and three children in Maarssen, The Netherlands.