Awareness session - WQ Connect

Engaging leaders and teams to invest in wellbeing; creating urgency, offering key insights, and inviting them to join the WQ Connect with their teams.

Team program - WQ Connect

Developing and delivering a new wellbeing program. For more information about the WQ Connect program see or download the program leaflet.

Team program - Building resilience

Program and content overview from our ‘plug and play’ high impact resiliency programs for teams.

Workshop - Stress managament

Content overview of one of our ‘plug and play’ workshops for managers and teams. For a complete overview of our workshops click here.

Digital Nudge - Vlog

Example of digital nudge. For more vlogs, blogs and interviews, see for example; ‘Set yourself up for better focus‘ or ‘Connecting in a digital world‘.

WQ Client event - inspirational

Selection from global WB event 2020. For more information about WQ see

WQ client event - escape room

Example of client activation on the topic of wellbeing. Apart from the escape room we have created an interactive wellbeing quiz and a series of mini sessions on topics of neuroscience and behavioural science that inspire clients to enhance their wellbeing, and that help create differentiating client experiences.